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Our Favourite Things To Do Outside In Bradford

By wizu | 22 March 2021

Things are difficult when you aren’t able to go out and do what you’d normally do. However you can still safely and responsibly head outdoors if you live in Bradford! The city offers a wide range of venues to help you get some fresh air and revel in the sun and fresh air.

In this article, we’ve put together some outdoor ideas that may be just what you need!

Now, let’s get on to those fun outdoor places we’ve been talking about!

Parks in Bradford

Bradford has some lovely parks, where you can spend time outside and enjoy the fresh air! However, it’s always a good idea to check each park’s website to ensure they’re open.

Lister Park

Lister Park is a beautiful place that’s one of Bradford’s 6 Green Flag parks, and it’s home to the Art Gallery and the Cartwright Hall Museum.

The park was created in 1870 near manning Ham Hall ground. It includes plenty of wildlife, beautiful trees, and formal gardens. This wonderful mix provides various areas where you can celebrate being outside. You’ll hear the blackbird singing, along with other birds. And in the summer, you can watch the bats flitting through the air.

Lister Park includes a car park, a fenced-in play area that’s free to use, a multi-activity community area, and tennis courts. You can also hire a boat to ride on the lake! And there’s a privately run café at the List Park boathouse, where you can enjoy cold drinks, and ice cream to help cool off in the summer.

This park is easily accessible to most people and has paths that are easy for electric wheelchairs to manage.

Northcliffe Park

Northcliffe Park includes Northcliffe Woods and the Norman Rae Playing Fields. So, there’s something for everyone here! You can choose from being in the woods or spending time in the fields. If you love to watch the birds and bats, then this park has you covered. And if you prefer sports such as football, then the park will be the place for you.

The area includes plenty of wildlife to enjoy. These include insects such as bees and butterflies. And the park is a great home for birds include thrushes, gulls, starlings, and more. You may just catch sight of a tawny oil, or perhaps get a glimpse of the beautiful ring-necked parakeet.

Northcliffe Park is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. You can take a walk and celebrate being out in the sun and fresh air, or have fun playing football in the fields. This is definitely a park that has something for everyone.

Roberts Park

Roberts Park is another of Bradford’s stunning parks. Here, you’ll find lovely magnolias blooming in the spring, with a bandstand in the middle of the trees. The bandstand, named the Half Moon Pavilion, has a very romantic name. And it’s located near the Half Moon Café, where it’s possible to enjoy some refreshments when you’re out and about.

The park also features fine beds of roses lining the walks, filling the air with their perfume and colour. There’s even more, here, making this an exceptional place to get outside safely and responsibly.

The park includes a link to Saltaire village by way of a footbridge over the River Aire. There are also areas for picnics and a children’s playground near the main entrance to the park.

Roberts Park is a great place to enjoy some time outside, in a relaxing environment.

Peel Park

Peel Park is set in a small valley, which includes wandering paths, gardens, a lake, and more. This is one of the city’s largest and oldest parks. It was opened back in 1853 and was named for the famous Sir Robert Peel, who served two terms as British Prime Minister.

While the park is located only 1.4 miles from the centre of Bradford, Peel Park feels like a green oasis in the midst of the city. You’ll find plenty of trees and shade, as well as open parkland. And the park amazing ornamental gardens, a small lake, and some natural areas.

The lake is home to various water birds, while the trees make wonderful homes for the owls and other birds. And you may see grey squirrels running about, as well as foxes.

Take a walk and relax in the beauty of Peel Park.

Denso Marston Nature Reserve

The Denso Marston Nature Reserve is a seven-acre reserve that’s located between the River Aire and the Denso Marston Factory in Shipley, West Yorkshire. This reserve was created in 1991 to help wildlife in the area, as well as for the community. The reserve offers a pleasing mix of woodland, pools, and meadows that include a wide variety of wildlife.

Cartwright Hall

Do you enjoy art? Then why not consider a trip to Cartwright Hall? This is the city’s civic art gallery and it offers a wide range of exhibitions. The hall presents contemporary exhibitions, along with four permanent galleries, focused on the artwork of 19th and 20th– century British artists.

The gallery also includes collections of international contemporary prints, and contemporary South Asian crafts and art. In addition, Cartwright Hall has a dedicated gallery filled with the work from David Hockney, a Bradford born artist.

What’s more, Cartwright Hall is located in the midst of Lister Park. So, if you’re out in the park, why not take a trip through the gallery, too?

We hope this article has given you some great ideas on how to get away from home for a bit. These places offer a wide variety of ways to get out and celebrate the sun and fresh air safely and responsibly in Bradford!

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