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5* Serviced Offices to rent in Newcastle – Our offices are bright and uplifting, accelerate your business with office that are built to impress, comprising of all the necessary amenities and located in the heart of the city, Portland House is the perfect workspace.


Are you looking for offices to rent in Newcastle?

As your business grows, the search for office space in Newcastle might become essential. Having a flexible contract becomes a valuable asset in such situations. It allows you to adapt swiftly to your company’s changing size, whether expanding or downsizing, through a versatile lease.

This ethos defines Wizu Workspace! We specialise in creating adaptable office environments. Unlike rigid contracts that confine you to a single office for extended periods, we prioritise flexibility to suit your business requirements. Our flexible lease encompasses a comprehensive monthly payment covering all your needs—yes, everything!

Our business community stands out, boasting over 300 prominent enterprises of various sizes, including entrepreneurs. Our diverse clientele spans across industries, all benefiting from our distinctive office spaces and adaptable leasing options. Regardless of your field, choosing flexible office rentals proves to be the optimal choice.

Offices to rent in Newcastle
Coworking spaces Newcastle

Why choose Wizu?

We go above and beyond to ensure that whichever office facility you select, it’s exquisitely furnished. Our commitment to a hassle-free experience is unwavering. Why bother with inconveniences when we’re here to handle it all? This allows you to prioritise the essentials while we manage the rest.

Should you require anything, just inform us! Trust us always to support you. Our services are characterised by honesty, transparency, flexibility, and unwavering dedication.

Why not explore what we offer? We’re confident your encounter with us will exceed expectations. Where else can you discover such exceptional office spaces for rent, paired with an inspiring work environment?

What’s Included with Our Offices to Rent in Newcastle?

What comes with our flexible contract and all-inclusive monthly fee? You may be surprised! When we say everything’s included, we mean it.

Superfast Internet

Every business requires access to fast, reliable Internet. We offer this service, with some of the fastest Internet speeds in Newcastle. You can choose between wired and wireless connections. So there’s no need to continue dealing with slow Internet speeds or downtime. Our Internet service is reliable and stable.


With a traditional office, you have to maintain the space and possibly the building. However, our flexible contract covers everything, including maintenance. This can be an expensive hit to a company’s budget. But with our office spaces to rent Newcastle, you don’t have to worry about these expenses. They’re covered by the monthly fee, which really does cover everything.

VOIP Telephony

Are you looking for VOIP telephony services? If so, we can help you there, too. We offer access to VOIP services that are always available. You can count on the service every time. Our VOIP services include voice mail, call forwarding, hold music, and more. Everything your business needs for telephony services is covered by our flexible lease and all-inclusive monthly fee.

Fully Stocked Kitchens

We provide fully stocked kitchens, which give you access to everything needed to make breakfast, including cereals and fruit. Do you love tea and coffee? Then you’ll love having access to unlimited amounts of our hot beverages. Do you like cream or milk in your tea or specialty coffee? Don’t worry, we offer these, too!

Climate Control

Our offices are also fitted out with climate control. You have complete control of the environment in your office space. If it feels a little warm, just turn the temperature down. If someone is too cold, then turn up the heat. You’re in complete control.

24 Hour Access

Do you sometimes work at odd hours that fall outside of regular workday hours? That’s not a problem! You have access to your office space any time, including evenings and weekends. So if you and your team need to pull an all-nighter to finish that big project, it’s not a problem.

Accommodation for 1-60 People

We have space for 1-60 people, which means you’re sure to find our office spaces are a good fit. Our offices provide you with the flexibility your business needs. No matter the size of your business.


Are you worried about buying expensive office furniture for your new office? If so, we’d like to reassure you on this head, too. Our office spaces are completely fitted out with the furniture you need. Just let us know specifically what your business requires, and we’ll make sure it’s all set up and ready to go when you move in. You save money, too, by not having to pay for office furniture!

Reception Services

Our professional reception staff will greet your guests and visitors. They offer a friendly greeting and will even take your guest through to your office. What could be better than a warm welcome?


We also offer on-site showers for those who bike into the office or a quick refresh during the day.

Rent & Utilities

Rent and all utilities are all included in the monthly fee. There’s no need to remember to pay several utility bills. Your life is made easier, and we take care of everything!

Bicycle Storage

For those who bicycle to work, we also offer secure bicycle storage. There’s no need to leave your bike outside where it could be stolen. Instead, bring it in and keep it safe and secure in our bicycle storage.

A little about us

Who Are We?

In 2015, we launched Wizu with a vision to redefine workspaces, offering something distinct. Here, traditional office setups are absent; instead, you’ll discover adaptable spaces tailored to suit your business. Our unique approach stems from thorough market analysis, resulting in our exceptional rental offices.

Our focus was on crafting optimal work environments. Our aim? Tailoring office spaces to fulfll the specific requirements of businesses seeking flexibility. We diligently curated a range of services, including valuable perks, to meet diverse company needs.

In essence, our mission revolves around providing the finest office spaces available. Our affordable workspaces, coupled with flexible contracts and comprehensive monthly fees, cater to varied budgets.

Why not reach out today? We’re ready to address any queries and arrange a tour of our Newcastle rental offices. We’re eager to connect with you!

Questions to ask an office rental company

Searching for the right office space can be challenging. So, when you find the right office space, it’s tempting to go ahead and sign the lease right away! But is that the right thing to do? Probably not.
The best thing to do is ask questions of the rental company before signing on the dotted line. If you’re not sure what questions to ask, read on!

1. What’s Included in the Monthly Fee?

Knowing precisely what the monthly fee covers is key. Traditional office leases often leave out utilities and extra costs, putting the responsibility on you to handle them.

Yet, with office leases from various providers, like business centers, the rental might include all expenses or not—it varies by the venue. Steering clear of unforeseen charges is crucial.

Therefore, it’s wise to inquire about the specific inclusions within the monthly fee to steer clear of surprises.

2. What’s Not Included in the Rent?

Finding out the response to this question helps uncover any additional monthly fees not covered in the rent. It’s about dodging those sneaky charges that could pile up without your knowledge.

3. What Services are Available and/or Included?

Sometimes, the rent might cover specific perks provided by the office host, but that’s not guaranteed. So, it’s worth checking what exactly comes with your office space.

Certain places offer round-the-clock access, reception support, phone and internet services, and more. They might even grant access to meeting rooms and additional facilities.

However, these services might not always be part of the rent. Asking upfront before signing the lease ensures you won’t be caught off guard, paying for essential amenities your business relies on.

4. Is Parking Available?

Another important query to consider is the availability of on-site parking. It’s essential to ascertain whether there’s a separate cost for parking or if it’s included in the rent.

Additionally, inquire about parking provisions for guests and clients. Parking can hold significant importance as nothing beats the frustration of spending 30 minutes searching for a spot upon arriving at work!

5. What Lease Terms are Available?

Most offices nowadays offer flexible leases, but some old-school spaces might stick to long-term commitments. For businesses seeking adaptability, finding a space with a flexible lease is key.

This lease gives you the freedom to opt for a short or long-term agreement, tailored to what suits your business best.

6. Is Furniture Included in the Rent?

Starting up often involves hefty costs, especially when it comes to office furniture—something required for traditional office leases where you’re responsible for furnishing the space.

However, with office providers like business centers, furniture and fittings might already be part of the rental package. This spares you the need to invest in pricey office furnishings from the get-go.

Take your time exploring office rentals and be sure to inquire about these aspects. These questions not only assist in finding the ideal office but also in saving your company valuable funds in the long haul.

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

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