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Modern Conference Room Design Trends

By wizu | 31 January 2022

Meetings are still relevant in the 21st century, but the truth is that they often don’t meet today’s standards in many ways. Meeting rooms are sometimes considered just a level of a storage room. Some are even used as storage rooms!

What would make a conference room more engaging, comfortable, and productive space? For starters, the layout can go a long way to improve the conference room’s environment and atmosphere.

We’ve put together some design trends and ideas for conference room layouts. These designs can make the space more effective and attractive.


1. Lounge Tables

One of the most modern trends in conference room design is getting rid of the traditional conference room table. These tables are usually quite large, making it difficult for employees to work together.

Conference tables are now being replaced by lounge option tables. This type of table makes it easy for everyone to see each other and collaborate easily. Lounge option tables also make the space more comfortable.

In addition, lounge option tables create a modern aesthetic, which replaces the traditional, uncomfortable conference room of the past.


2. Keeping It Natural

Most traditional conference spaces are drab, lifeless, and sometimes don’t even have windows. Studies have shown that people feel and work better when they are near natural elements. So, if you’d like to spruce up the conference room, then consider adding natural décor.

How can you add natural elements? You can start by adding live plants. Not only do they improve the air quality in the space, but the touch of nature in the room also brings it alive with greenery. Another idea is to create a biophilic wall decoration made entirely of live plants. These are very popular.

Another idea is to add water features to the room. The fountain creates a natural sound from the water flowing and trickling. The fountain doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s possible to find small fountains that sit in the background and don’t take up much space. However, the water sounds they create can be heard all around the room.


3. Sit or Stand Breakout Meeting Tables

Another way to liven things up is by using sit or stand breakout meeting tables to the conference space. These tables are becoming more popular because they offer relief from sitting. Sitting at the computer all day can lead to slouching, which is bad for posture and lowers productivity levels. Instead, sit or stand breakout tables give employees the chance to sit or stand.

Standing refreshes energy levels and increases focus, leading to increased productivity.


4. Tech-Friendly Furniture

Another leading trend in conference room design is the use of tech-friendly furniture. Most people have several devices they carry and use all day. They may have smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and more.

All of these devices come with chargers, wires, and more. So, consider adding a table that’s designed to manage wires and offers power options, too.

Tables of this type make it easier for everyone in the meeting to have access to charging outlets. You can avoid the scramble to see who gets the outlets first, too! What’s more, no one has to worry about tripping over all the wires flowing across the conference room floor. So, you can reduce accidents with a tech-friendly table!


5. Flexible Conference Room Spaces

Conference rooms are sometimes used for other tasks, such as brainstorming. However, the design of the space is usually not conducive to this type of work. So, you may want to consider creating a flexible conference space that can be used in other ways, as well.

You can add more flexibility by using furniture that converts for other uses, using dividers (in a bigger space) to create smaller conference spaces and more.


6. LED Video Walls

Displays are necessary for presentations; one of the design trends for displays is LED video walls. LED video walls as large displays that may cover all or part of a wall. The display is made up of individual monitors through the use of LED panels.

Video walls are a great way to create custom layouts and present them on a larger screen. They provide several benefits to the conference room, including:

  • It can be easily displayed in a bright room
  • They’re energy-efficient, reliable, and long-lasting
  • They also provide a quality display, with a wide range of colours

Video walls can beat out other tech, such as plasma screens, traditional projectors, and more.


7. Intelligent Acoustic Design

Conference rooms have a bad reputation for being spaces where sound bounces around. Sound issues of this kind are extremely distracting and may cause some employees problems with headaches, migraines, and more.

Using intelligent acoustic design helps control the way sound travels in space. A room with improved acoustics is beneficial for presentations and more. People are not distracted or frustrated by the sound and tend to pay closer attention to the presentation.


8. Prioritise User Comfort

Nothing is worse than sitting in a meeting and being uncomfortable. Poor ergonomics is responsible and can lead to tiredness or other health issues.

The trend now is to prioritise user comfort by creating a cosy atmosphere and more. Through the use of non-traditional furniture, softer lighting, and more, it’s possible to create a much more comfortable room.

Colours are another way to increase comfort. The use of blues and greens work to induce calm, while warmer colours, such as yellow and orange, tend to increase energy.


Summing It Up

When designing a conference room, it’s essential to consider the space that will be used for collaboration. The design choices you make can either make the space uncomfortable or comfortable. It’s also important to consider how the space will be used.

Nothing says the room can’t be quirky, but take the time to make the space comfortable and unique. The environment should foster collaboration, which is essential to doing business.

Use our tips to create a beautiful, modern conference room design. Remember to include natural elements such as space and use flexible furniture to make the space more usable for other tasks. Using our tips will help you create a strategy to determine the best elements for your conference room.

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