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Our client-focused services make your meeting come to life! Whether it’s a boarding meeting, interviewing that next job candidate, or meeting with clients, our meeting room hire offers everything your company needs.

If you’re searching for the best meeting room in Harrogate, we believe you’ve found it with us! Our meeting rooms are customisable and fit for any type of business meeting. We offer a place where you can meet and stay focused, productive, and energised. What could be better than a meeting room geared to create a collaborative space for your next meeting?

Why Choose Wizu Meeting room hire Harrogate? Our meeting rooms are some of the best (though we don’t like to boast!). You’ll find a wide range of amenities included in the meeting room rent.

harrogate meeting room hire
meeting room hire harrogate


Your meeting room includes all the latest tech for a successful meeting. Our superfast Internet service is included, providing both wired and wireless connectivity. And there are more than enough power outlets for everyone. There’s no need to worry about powering up devices—everyone can charge quickly and efficiently.

You’ll have access to plasma screens, flip charts, telephony & Internet services, and more.

Reception Services

We also provide professionally trained staff to help with anything you may need during the meeting. Would you like attendees welcomed and guided to the meeting room? Our team is happy to do both! They’ll offer a friendly greeting to all attendees and guide them back to your meeting space. 

Bespoke Spaces

Did we mention our meeting rooms are customisable? Our spaces are flexible and can be arranged to fit your meeting. Whether you need more furniture, less furniture, or everything organised in a specific way, we’ll take care of it. Our meeting rooms offer a bespoke space, where everything is set up and ready on the day of your meeting. 

Climate Control

There’s no need to worry about a stuffy, warm meeting room. That’s because you’re in charge of the climate control in your space. Whether you need to make the room cooler or warmer, you’re in complete control. Just change the temperature as needed. 

What Else Comes with Our Meeting Room Hire Harrogate?

You mean there’s more? Yes! The following amenities are also included in the meeting room fee:


Stocked kitchens




24-hour access


Specialty coffee (all you can drink)


Bicycle storage

What’s more, if your meeting will be long, then we can also assist with catering services. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of everything!

Who Are We?

Wizu is unique—we’re not like other meeting room hire facilities. We admit we’re different, but that’s what makes us the best choice in town when it comes to meeting spaces. You don’t have to worry about any complexities with us. That’s because we make everything as easy as possible. You can focus on the meeting, knowing we’re taking care of everything else.

Meeting Room Hire in Harrogate

Our meeting rooms offer an inspiring, energised environment that ensures your meeting is successful. What’s more, there are no hassles. We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again. When you choose a meeting hire Harrogate, we keep everything flexible and without any hassle. 

What’s more, we offer other types of workspaces, which you may want to consider if you need a new home for your business. In addition to meeting rooms, we offer serviced offices, coworking spaces, and virtual office services. Plus, we offer several locations across the West Yorkshire region. If you need the meeting in another location, we can help you there, too!

With us, you can book your meeting room with confidence. Our meeting rooms provide you with the edge necessary for success. 

Where are Our Meeting Rooms to Hire Harrogate?

Our beautiful office spaces are located at the Royal House in Harrogate. We’re also located a 4-minute walk from the Harrogate Train Station and a 14-minute walk from Harrogate Bus Station. In addition, we’re easy to reach by car.

Our meeting rooms are designed to provide you with a stunning space with everything needed for the meeting. Do you need access to a plasma screen or flip chart! These are part of the package when you rent our meeting spaces. Will your meeting be an all-day event? In that case, you may want to have full catering services. No matter what you need, we make sure you have it!

Why not reach out and contact us today? If you need an amazing, bespoke space for your next meeting, which includes everything, then contact us today! We can also arrange a tour of our facility, so you can check out our meeting room hire, before you make a decision.

So, contact us today! We’re looking forward to talking with you!

Harrogate Meeting Room Hire

What to Look for in a Meeting Room Hire?

You want to have the best meeting room available when you’re having a meeting! You’re paying for the room, so it needs to fit your requirements.
So, what should you look for in a meeting room? Here’s our list of essentials your meeting needs:

1. Sufficient Space

It’s essential to have a space that accommodates all attendees comfortably. You want to avoid overcrowding. Cramped spaces mean everyone loses focus caused by discomfort and small spaces. So, make sure the meeting room is the right size and provides a comfortable space for all attending. 

2. Climate Control

No matter the time of year, your meeting should be in a space that’s comfortable. Nothing’s worse than sitting through a meeting where the air is stuffy and warm or shivering from the cold. So, look for a meeting room hire Harrogate where you’re in control of the climate.

3. Windows

Some meeting rooms are dingy and dark. It’s hard to stay awake and participate in the meeting. For this reason, a meeting room with windows is essential. Natural light has been shown to provide energy and increase productivity. 

4. Power Sockets

Here’s another common problem with meeting rooms. Some just don’t provide enough sockets for everyone to charge their various devices. No one wants their device battery to run out, so make sure the meeting room has plenty of power sockets spaced through the room.

5. Connectivity

A meeting room also needs to provide connectivity options with wired and wireless connections. Everyone at the meeting needs to stay online. Look for a meeting room that offers a stable, fast Internet connection to keep everyone online. 

There you have it! These are some of the essentials you need for your next meeting. At Wizu, we’ve got you covered with these services and so much more! 

Contact us today and let us learn how we can help with your next meeting. Our meeting room hire is second to none, and we stand by this claim every time.

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

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