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Lower your costs by utilising co-working for your next hire

By wizu | 17 September 2019

Coworking spaces are more popular than ever; these days, you don’t need a traditional office space to conduct business. In fact, the cost of a traditional office may be keeping your business from expanding. Or your current location may not offer the type of environment to properly conduct business. If that’s the case, it may be a good time to consider coworking spaces for current employees and new hires. 

Workspaces Have Changed

Workspaces have been changing over the past decade, sometimes in response to new business models. Working with staff in locations across town or on the other side of the world are the new norm. 

Businesses of all sizes are also looking for cost-effective options when it comes to office spaces. In addition, low-commitment office spaces are also becoming popular as a way to reduce operating costs. 

Benefits of Using a Coworking Space for New Hires

New hires offer a great opportunity to jump into coworking spaces. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Flexibility: scale operations up or down as needed. With increased flexibility, the business doesn’t have to face the possibility of paying higher costs for utilities, IT infrastructure and more. These costs are typically covered by the coworking membership rates. In addition, you may find the coworking space offers perks such as free coffee, meeting rooms to hire when needed, office equipment (such as printers, etc.) and even a receptionist. These will vary, you may find it’s cost effective to sign up for a coworking membership with the added perks.

Collaboration: coworking spaces automatically lend themselves to collaboration between staff. In fact, you may find employees are more productive in this collaborative, open environment. Not only will they have interactions within the company, but they’ll also be able to build a network and professional relationships with other companies at the same coworking facility. This may lead to increased productivity and innovation like never before. 

Different options for workstyles and budgets: coworking spaces also allow flexible options when it comes to workstyle and business budgets. For instance, coworking spaces can offer private office spaces or shared workspace, or maybe a combination of both. This way, your business will pay only for the spaces and services needed, rather than having to pay for everything from traditional rental rates to utilities, and more. 

Great locations: coworking spaces can offer staff not only a great working environment, but can also offer a centralised, prime location. Not only will your new hire be able to work in a prime location, but it may also be an easily accessible location, especially if it’s located near public transport, offers enough parking spaces, etc. And your company saves money by not having to pay rent for prime real estate, while enjoying a great location. 

These are some of the benefits of using a coworking space for new hires and how your business can save money. Next, we’ll take a look at how to hire new staff for your chosen coworking space

Look for Staff with Qualities

Coworking spaces are all about people interacting and collaborating, so you’ll need to hire staff that are people-oriented and enjoy working with others. For instance, introverts may not do well in a coworking environment with no quiet working spaces that they can dip into to recharge. Make sure to look for team members who will thrive in the environment.

Look for people who have a positive, can-do attitude, and a positive feeling toward coworking in general. A positive attitude is necessary to build a team, and to be an effective member of the coworking community. Look for candidates who fit your company culture, the requirements for the position, and those who are open to coworking. 

Respect and trust: these are also important in a collaborative environment and for building a successful team. Look for people with these skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Create genuine connections with others (both staff and clients)
  • Communication skills (speaking/writing)
  • Creativity
  • Those who can successfully manage their time and productivity

These skills are needed in a traditional work environment, but are crucial in a coworking space, where staff will continually be working with others. 



Managing Coworking Spaces

Some businesses hesitate to try coworking spaces, even though these spaces can be cost effective for the company. Coworking spaces do come with challenges and can readily become chaotic if there aren’t rules in place to manage the environment. However, there are things you can do to keep things under control, but flexible in your coworking space:

1). Keep distractions to a minimum: distractions can be more common in a coworking space; however, it’s important to keep the environment managed and productive. You might consider some rules such as these:


  • Keep it quiet: encourage employees to keep their voices down when speaking together in the open working area, and wear headphones when making audio or video calls.
  • Knock before entering: if your space includes private offices, make it a rule to knock before entering. This will help to maintain privacy. Other ways to maintain privacy in this type of setting is to call ahead or email when needing to speak with a coworker. 
  • Meetings for important discussions: it may be necessary to consider hiring a meeting room to hold business discussions on sensitive topics and lengthy phone calls.


2). Team building: coworking spaces offer more social interactions, but you’ll have to expect there are different types of personalities among your staff. It can be helpful to have team building events on a regular basis. Not only does this encourage collaboration, but it helps inject a little fun into the daily routine. This is a great way to promote and build a sense of community with your staff. Special events can also provide effective team building activities. 

3). Keep staff productive and motivated: coworking naturally lends itself to increased productivity and motivation. However, the distractions in a coworking can make it difficult to focus. Encourage staff to be in control of their schedules and their work, which can lead to happy staff. Hold regular meetings to stay in sync with what’s happening in the coworking space and make changes if there are problems. 

Using a coworking space for new hires is a great way to gain entry into the coworking movement. Not only that, but new employees will have the benefit of starting off in a collaborative environment. They won’t have to deal with the change from working in a traditional office and then converting to the coworking environment. Your business also benefits by using a coworking space to optimise the operations budget, while increasing the company’s bottom line. 

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