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How We Design Our Meeting Rooms To Get You The Most Out Of Your Meetings

By wizu | 09 February 2021

If you’re looking for more than just a dull, white-walled place to meet, then our meeting rooms are for you. A Wizu meeting room is more than just a place to meet with clients, have training sessions, or collaborate with partners. Our uplifting rooms are specially designed, so you get the most out of your meetings. 

We understand a meeting room needs to be a good fit for our clients. Meeting rooms create the space for gatherings of all sizes, whether that’s 2 or 70 people. A meeting room is where you can feel confident to discuss confidential information. These are also spaces where collaboration happens if the environment is conducive.

We also appreciate that meeting rooms remain an important part of business culture. To that end, we’ve designed our meeting rooms to empower you and create a great first impression. 

Wizu meeting spaces are created to provide inspiring, uplifting experiences for your and your guests. So, what makes our meeting rooms so amazing? Let’s take a look. 

Let there be light! 

Traditional meeting rooms tend to be either over or under lit, which makes them extremely uncomfortable. For instance, in an under-lit meeting room some guests may become very sleepy. Not only does this make it difficult to focus but may feel frustrated if nothing much was accomplished. 

At Wizu we bring in the light. You’ll find our meeting rooms have beautiful windows that let in plenty of natural light. However, the rooms aren’t flooded with light to the point of being painful. Instead, the light can be controlled with window coverings, which still keep the space bright but not overly so. 

Use of Colour

The colour palettes used in our meeting rooms are also conducive to a successful meeting. You can choose from meeting rooms that have a vivid colour scheme, or one that’s more classic and subdued. We have a room that’s just right for you. 

Not only that, but the colours used help to make each space feel airy and large. Greens create a calm space, while brighter colours can stimulate innovation and conversation. Greys and whites with pops of colour can also create a lively space. 

Whatever colour scheme you prefer, we’re sure you’ll find one of our meeting rooms is a good fit. You’ll find our spaces give life and breath to the soul through the creation of unique, comfortable meeting rooms. 

Climate Control in Each Meeting Room

Keeping everyone comfortable can be tricky in a meeting room, where the temperature is controlled by the facility. Temperatures that are too warm cause tiredness and lethargy, with loss of focus. On the other hand, if it’s too cold, it’s also difficult to concentrate. 

With a Wizu meeting room, you don’t have to worry about the room’s temperature. That’s because you have complete climate control. Whether the room needs to be warmer or cooler, you have control. This allows you to keep most everyone comfortable during the meeting. 

Furniture & Art

Our meeting rooms also include modern, flexible office furnishings and art. We don’t use heavy office furnishings; instead, our meeting spaces include beautiful, light tables, chairs, and desks. Plus, the furniture is flexible, so the space can be arranged to meet your requirements. 

Along with the brilliant furniture, we also use art on the walls. Don’t worry—the art doesn’t take over the room. Instead, the art we’ve chosen adds a pop of colour and makes the space more interesting. The art is a subtle, yet dynamic to our meeting rooms. 

Inviting Spaces

Not only are our meeting rooms beautifully designed, they’re also meant to be places that are inviting. Our goal is always to create a space that’s fluid and energising. We aim to make the room an inspiring place where you and your guests can enjoy collaboration and focus yet feel comfortable. 

It’s all about creativity in each space. Nothing is forced or restrictive. Instead, you’ll have meeting space that allows for the flow of productivity. 

And we always make sure to include those touches that make the room comfortable. When everyone is feeling comfortable in the meeting, it’s easier to discuss, work on creative solutions, and more. 


Our meeting rooms are not just faceless wastelands of white and black. Instead, each meeting room is created with distinctive character. Fashionable, comfortable elements are combined to create a comfortable atmosphere. However, don’t let that fool you. Our meeting rooms are designed as spaces where you can get things done. 

Our meeting rooms use a mix of natural materials and plants, with furniture designed for well-being. You’ll have a choice of meeting rooms offering an individual, creative space. Choose one that fits your company’s culture and brand. 

Seamless Technology 

When it comes to technology, we’ve designed our meeting rooms to include everything you’ll need. This means you’ll have access to lightning-fast Internet, wired or WiFi whichever you prefer. What’s more, our reliable routers, switches, and firewalls ensure you have a stable connection with plenty of bandwidth for your guests. 

What’s more, our meeting rooms also include a plasma screen, flip charts, and AV equipment. 

There’s no need to invest in your own technology because we’ve got it all. Each meeting room can be set up with the tech you require. 

No Distractions

When you rent a meeting room with Wizu, you can count on having a distraction-free environment for your meeting. While our meeting rooms are in an office setting, they’ve been created to keep outside sounds to a minimum. You won’t have to worry about hearing a ringing phone just outside the door. 

Instead, everyone will be able to stay completely immersed in the conversation or presentation. This means increased focus and productivity, so you can get things done. 

By renting a Wizu meeting room, you’ll have all the benefits needed to make your meeting a success. Wizu is a business centre that’s devoted to providing their clients with the best experience. Each meeting room is equipped with everything needed for a successful meeting. Plus, their support staff are the best. Wizu is serious about taking the hassle out of meeting room rentals.

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