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How to De-stress in Your Lunch Hour

By Wizu | 07 November 2018

Working super hard allows us to achieve such great things, we overcome personal boundaries that sometimes felt impossible, break company records and smash targets. Working hard reaps such rewards, we get that bonus we’ve been striving for or that all important pay rise, even that promotion! All our hard work is certainly worth it but sometimes it can come at a price … STRESS! Work related stress is something that we all suffer with at one time or another and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for tips & tricks to help us de-stress. It’s so important to look after ourselves and make sure we’re getting that all important lunch break away from our desk. Take a look at some of things we find most useful here at Wizu when it all gets a little too much and we need a breather!


Desk Yoga & Breathing Exercises

We know what you’re thinking – desk yoga? What’s that? Truth be told, we didn’t know much about it until a few months ago, but since finding out we’ve have been putting it into practice both physically and mentally and wow, it’s a life changer.

A simple series of stretches and breathing techniques, not only helps clear the mind, but it relaxes muscles throughout the body to help release any stress and tension the body may be feeling. A little 5-10 minute routine is the perfect way to help eliminate some of your stress and worries.

We tend to follow Do You Yoga’s guide, click here to find our favourite desk yoga guide!

Desk Yoga


Get Some Air

Fresh air – and we don’t just mean bumping up your air con either. We mean a walk into the city to clear your head and give yourself some of that all-important ‘me time’. Remove yourself from the place of stress and venture to your favourite coffee shop, ours is La Bottega Milanese. Why not go eat your lunch in the park, for this we recommend Park Square just behind our Park Cross Street Site, the perfect place for a sandwich and a chance to people watch.

We know it can be hard tearing yourself away from the desk when you have a rapidly approaching deadline, but more often than not, productivity will be stalled if you don’t allow yourself that well deserved break, and a decent dosage of fresh air!

Get Some Air - La Bottega Milanese


Eating Mindfully

When it comes to your lunch hour on a horrifically busy, stressful week, we know first-hand how easy is it to grab some quick and easy comfort food. However, research shows that a fatty, unhealthy meal will not benefit you in the same way a healthy balanced meal will. The nutrients in a balanced, healthy meal will absorb much faster, helping you feel more energetic and positive, enabling you to power through your day feeling happy. And you won’t be wanting to have a nap under the desk either from having such a heavy lunch!

Eating Mindfully- Humpit Healthy Eating



Talk, talk, talk. We do it every day but the question is; do we do it in the right way? When everything feels a little too much sometimes all you need is to talk it out. A friend or colleague may be just the person to help you get out of the hole you’re in. Whether it’s coming up with a plan to organise your mountain of paperwork or simply just lending an ear while you get your worries off your chest – talking is the answer. Chances are that person you choose to speak to may have something they need to talk about too – it’s good for everyone.



Be Grateful for the Good

If you’re having a really bad day here’s an idea. Take 5 minutes to yourself somewhere quiet and write down 4 or 5 things that have gone well that day or even that week. Maybe you’ve achieve a new personal best on the treadmill, hit that deadline or got a seat on the bus that morning instead of having to stand – being grateful for the smallest of things and reflecting on what’s gone well can instantly shift your mood and result in a much better day! Try it and see if it works for you.

Put The Phone Down



Your working environment has such an impact on how you work and your productivity. Research has shown that a messy desk can increase stress and decrease concentration and creative thinking by 57%. Combat this by allocating ten minutes at the end of each day to have a good tidy so when you arrive at work the next morning you’re organised and ready to tackle the day. Remember – tidy desk, tidy mind.

Tidy Desk

Log Your Thoughts

Another way to de-stress during your lunch hour is to write down your thoughts. This is an effective way to reduce stress or feelings of overwhelm. Use a journal to record your thoughts and be sure to note any parts of your day that you feel need additional processing.

If you’re not sure how to start journaling, you can use journal prompts to help you get started. Another idea is to start writing about the events in your day and more.

Build Your Schedule

Use a calendar or planner to schedule the week. Along with important dates, you can write down things you’d like to accomplish for the week and create a schedule that includes these items.

It’s best to start your schedule at the beginning of the week and continue to update your schedule during the rest of the day.

Rather than using a paper calendar, you can also create your schedule in a calendar app on your phone! There are free calendars available for both Android and iOS that can get you started!

Plan Your Meals for the Week

What a great way to de-stress! Meal planning takes plenty of thought and time that you may not have any other part of the day. Plus, planning meals means you won’t have to think about this later in the day or the week!

You can save time and money, too, by choosing what to eat. Maybe you have time to go through your favourite store’s circular to look for sales. That can save you some money.

As you plan your meals, if you have time, it would also be a great time to build your grocery list. You could get two things done at the same time!

Read a Book

Reading a book during your lunch break is another way to relieve stress and forget about work issues. Choose books you like, non-fiction. Is there something you’d like to learn? Would you like to find some new recipes? You can do this by reading through lunch and even your breaks!

If you need a complete break from your normal day, reading fiction can be extremely beneficial. Choose books that are enjoyable and offer a fun read. The goal here is not to read a book that’s too “deep” or serious. Find books that are entertaining and don’t take much brain power to read.

Take a Power Nap

Taking a nap during the day is no longer frowned upon. Instead, research has shown that power naps can boost alertness and performance. However, power naps are only about 20-30 minutes long. So, you’ll need to learn how to get into the habit of taking these short naps.

Having trouble finding a place to nap? If you drive to work, head to your car during lunch. If that’s not possible, is there a separate space in the office where you can take a power nap?

As you nap, be sure to put your phone on silent mode. That way, you won’t be disturbed. Remember, it’s only for 20-30 minutes. Most calls can wait that long before a response.

If you’re looking for a workspace to help combat the stress, check us out here!

PS – If all else fails, check out @dogs_infood or @thedogist on Instagram. Their posts are the perfect stress reliever, thank us later!

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