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How to Choose Commercial Office Colour Schemes

By wizu | 27 June 2023

Paint colours have a strong influence on how your employees work. Some colours boost creativity, while others have the opposite effect. The colour scheme in the office can vary by business and industry. It’s essential to choose the right tones, the size, and shape of your office, and so much more.

So, there’s a lot to choosing the right colours and making the right decision on the colour scheme for your office. What do you need to consider?

We’ve created this quick guide to help you learn how colours influence workplace behaviours and mood and how choosing paint colours can boost productivity and help your business reach its goals.


What to Consider When Choosing Colour Schemes for Your Office

Choosing the right colours for your office can be challenging. There are so many colours to choose from, and it’s difficult to determine which colours are best for your business. However, with the right guidelines, you won’t have any trouble choosing the right colour scheme.


1. Think About the Purpose of Your Office Space

Some colours are a better fit for some industries and not a good fit for others. For instance, understated shades, such as different variations of white and grey, are perfect for professional environments such as offices and banks.

For retail spaces, consider bold, attractive colours that influence shoppers, such as different tones of red and orange.


2. How Much Natural Light Your Space Gets

Light has a huge impact on the colour you choose. Rooms that have little or no natural light usually do best with a lighter shade, while rooms with plenty of light may be better with darker tones.

Remember that the light in the space also can change the appearance of certain colours.


3. Consider Colour Impact

You may want to consider using feng shui to choose the right colour for your office. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that has rules for arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve harmony and balance to bring peace and prosperity.

Feng shui also understands that colours can have a psychological impact on employees and visitors. For instance, blue and black are associated with doing inner work and helping employees concentrate. Red, on the other hand, is thought to support life energy, and green is associated with growth and decisiveness.


4. The Size of the Space

The size of your office space also determines the colours you should use. For instance, a smaller space can be made to look larger and more comfortable through the use of lighter colours.

A larger space can look more cosy with darker shades.


5. What is the Desired Temperature of the Office?

Colours are usually classified as “hot” or “cold.” So, it’s essential to consider the desired temperature of the office when choosing colours.

For example, to bring more warmth to the office, use colours such as orange, red, and yellow. Peach is a popular colour that can also add warmth.

If you’re looking to keep the space cooler, then choose light blues or greens.


6. Consider the Spaces in Your Office

The goal is to ensure that all the colours used in the office are compatible. You want to ensure the office spaces flow into one another. So, it’s best to choose colours that create a cohesive look.

If you need to make drastic changes between spaces, then transition colours to use in hallways and other spaces to keep from making abrupt changes.


7. Consider Large Elements in the Space

Finally, one more way to choose office colours is to see what’s already in the space. Is there a staircase? Is there much woodwork? Any elements that stand out need to be included in the colour choices you make.

You want to ensure that the tones and colours work together.


How Colours Affect Employees

Humans are affected by the colours around them. In fact, some colour choices may cause employees to be more productive, sad, and more. So, it’s important to carefully consider your employees, too, when choosing colours for your office.


Blues & Greens

Cool colours such as blue and green cause people to feel calmer. Blues can create a sense of relaxation and stability as they promote communication and concentration. Greens also bring rejuvenation and balance to a space.

If you have an administrative office, consider these colours. Green may be a better choice for financial and healthcare offices, breakrooms, and reception areas.


Yellows, Reds, & Oranges

Yellow is a very uplifting colour that can boost creativity, confidence, and mood. Employees are sure to be in a great mood, which can increase their productivity, too. Yellow is a great colour choice for creative businesses or offices that require collaboration, innovation, and brainstorming.

Red is an energising colour that can make the office feel more confident. However, it should be used sparingly. If used too much in the office, you may see arguments and disagreements breaking out between employees.

Orange can also add some enthusiasm to the space; however, it should also be used sparingly.



Purple is another attractive, inviting colour you may want to consider. It’s a royal colour that can increase focus and confidence, along with creating a sophisticated vibe. Lighter shades are pretty calming, while brighter shades of purple are more invigorating.



We can’t forget to mention neutrals! White can have a more clinical association, so it’s best to go with off-white to create a softer, warmer environment.

Gray is another neutral colour that can be paired with more vibrant colours; however, too much grey can cause melancholy.

Browns, such as beige, are another neutral colour option you may want to consider. Here, again, the colour brings balance when paired with more vivid colours such as yellow or red.


Summing It Up

Choosing the right colours for your office can be challenging. It’s essential to consider how the colour(s) you choose affect employees and the purpose of the space.

And remember that light can change the effect of colour. It’s also important to avoid choosing colours that clash with major furniture, window frames, or other room elements.

Use our guide to help your business choose the right office colours for your next office renovation project!

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