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How to Avoid Common Office Design Mistakes

By wizu | 23 January 2023

Designing an office can be a challenge, especially with each employee having different needs and tasks. The goal is to create an attractive office that’s inspiring and fosters productivity. The office should be a place where people want to come to work.

However, even when the company is focused on providing the best office possible for its employees, it’s easy to make some common mistakes that can make the office uncomfortable and not a pleasant place to work.

We’ve created a list of the most common office design mistakes to avoid when designing your office. Let’s get started!


1. Choosing the Wrong Layout

One of the most common mistakes that occur when designing an office is choosing the wrong layout. Many of today’s offices choose an open-plan layout, while more traditional businesses may choose separate offices and cubicles.

Open offices can be a challenge for many employees who find these spaces to be nothing more than spaces filled with noise, distractions, and a lack of privacy. The problem is that with an open office, not all employee needs are met or even considered.

For the office layout to be successful, it’s necessary to consider the needs of all employees. It may be necessary to create quiet zones for those who need more privacy and quiet to focus on their work. It’s also essential to create collaborative spaces for teams (away from the quiet zone) and other spaces to accommodate the needs of the rest of your employees.

When you consider everyone’s needs in the office, your employees are more comfortable and productive.


2. Too Many People in One Space

Another common problem is that some businesses try to fit too many people into one space. This problem is becoming more common with smaller budgets. The result is overcrowded offices, with unhappy employees, low productivity rates, and other negative effects. Employees may be so uncomfortable that they become disgruntled and start conflicts with one another.

When designing your office space, it’s crucial to figure out how many people are going to be in the space. Once you have that number, you’ll also need to ensure that each person has plenty of personal space. In the UK, the minimum space requirement for office employees is 11 cubic metres per person.

If you find there are too many employees to accommodate in the office, and you don’t have the budget for a larger space, you may want to consider hybrid working. This way, it’s possible to rotate office time for employees and control the number of people in the office at any one time.


3. Choosing the Wrong Furniture

Another common problem when designing the office is choosing the wrong furniture. Rather than choosing light, stylish, flexible office furniture, companies may choose oversized and dark furniture that takes up too much space and makes the entire office feel like a depressing workspace.

Some businesses may opt for office furniture that looks great but is not ergonomic. They may also choose expensive furniture that’s too expensive for their budget. Finally, employers sometimes overlook employee wellness when purchasing office furniture.

The goal is to buy furniture that fits the space, your company culture, and the company branding. In addition, the furniture must fit the space and not be too large. Office furniture must also be suitable for each person in the office. That means investing in ergonomic desks, chairs, and other office furniture. These are usually adjustable and can be made to fit each employee.

Not only will you have a beautiful office, but the furniture won’t overpower the space, and your employees will be comfortable and avoid common injuries. Employees will also be more productive with the right office furniture.


4. Installing the Wrong Lighting

Lighting is the key to setting the mood in the office and ensuring employees can see what they’re doing. If you choose the wrong kind of light, the quality of work suffers, employee morale falls, and productivity hits the rocks.

One of the best forms of light for the office is natural light. Natural light has many health and wellness benefits for employees. It works to elevate mood and increase positivity in the workplace. In addition, you can save money by allowing natural light into the office rather than relying on electric lights.

As you consider natural light or lighting systems that mimic natural light, be sure that each employee has the right amount of light for their tasks. If not, it may be necessary to invest in desk lights to ensure everyone has plenty of light for their work.


5. Forgetting About Visitor Space

Do you regularly have visitors in the office? If so, it’s essential to ensure you have a dedicated space for them, too. You may want to consider installing a reception desk, comfortable seating, and WiFi capabilities in the reception area.

In addition, if you have flexible employees or other personnel who visit the office occasionally, it may be necessary to set aside desk or table space for them. These spaces can be used like a hot desking zone, where visitors can set up their computers and work.

The key is to make sure you provide comfortable spaces for visitors and those who occasionally need to work at the office.


6. Not Providing Enough Supplies

Even if you have the most stunning office, your employees won’t be able to get much done if they don’t have the supplies they need.

Here, we’re not only referring to office supplies, such as pens and paper. We also mean the right technology, copy machines, and more.

With the right supplies and technology, you’ll see a boost in productivity that’s sure to increase the company’s bottom line.


Summing It Up

If you’re getting ready to design your company office, consider using these tips to ensure the office space is designed correctly and has everything needed to keep employees happy, well, and productive. And don’t forget to provide facilities for your visitors and remote workers, too!

Following our tips can mean the difference between a lacklustre office that creates a negative space for employees or a light, airy, pleasant office space where employees are happy and productive!

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