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How to Add New Life to Your Serviced Office

By wizu | 28 May 2019

Has your serviced office business been running for a few years now? Has it begun to look a little worn and drab? Then it might be time to do a revamp. New clients are more likely to rent an attractive, comfortable workspace over one that’s drab and out-of-date.

Updating your office spaces doesn’t have to cost a mint. Instead, use a little creativity to bring new life to your workplace interiors.

The Walls

Take a look at your serviced office’s wall space. What do you see? Peeling paint or wall paper? Out-dated, drab artwork or photos? Are the spaces more functional than motivating? If the answer’s yes, here are some easy, quick fixes to bring some life to the company’s wall spaces:

Artwork: creative juices flow when there’s interesting art on the walls. Boring, blank walls and computer screens quickly drain the brain and slow productivity. Invest in some wall art such as nature photos, city scenes, motivational quotes and more. This is a low-cost way to add a little interest and color to flex office spaces.

Paint and/or wallpaper: splashes of color on interior walls also increases creativity and productivity in a work space. You might choose to use paint or wall paper (perhaps both?) on carefully chosen accent walls. Look for colors that bring life and vibrancy to office spaces; but use color and texture wisely. Do an online search of modern office interior designs for inspiration. A little paint and wall paper can go a long way in updating your office spaces.

There are many creative, beautiful ways to update office wall spaces. Keep the walls simple and uncluttered in order to provide the best backdrop for your clients and their employees.

The Lights

One of the biggest problems in any office space is the lighting. Studies have shown that natural lighting helps people to feel more relaxed and focused. If your offices have windows, bring in the natural light by removing heavy drapery, blinds, etc. Instead, opt for lighter-weight window treatments that can be closed or opened as desired.

Another option is to go with LED lighting, which can really help light up the space if your offices don’t have enough natural light. LEDs are highly energy efficient compared to other forms of lighting, including fluorescent lights. Not only that, but LEDs also last longer. In addition, research has shown that LED lighting has a positive effect on workers—they have more energy, stay in a better mood and become more productive when working in LED lighting.

LED lighting is also flexible. You’ll find a wide variety of floor, desk and table lamps that fit with all types of décor. And LED lighting is available in the form of tube lights (the same type as florescent tube lighting). Clients and their staff will experience less flickering and glare if you change over to LED lighting.


Don’t Forget Seating Solutions

Gone are the days when office cubicles were the norm. These days, office spaces of all types remember that humans need to be comfortable while working. Sitting for long periods can cause pain and discomfort, making it difficult to focus on work and be productive. Opt for seating solutions that are comfortable as well as esthetically pleasing.

Office chairs: When it comes to traditional office chairs, look for seating that’s both ergonomic and comfortable. Look for chairs that offer good lumbar (lower back) support. Also look for chairs that are adjustable. They’ll often offer height and arm adjustments, but may also offer adjustable lumbar support, seats and backs, etc.

What about wheels? Wheels are still important, as they prevent strain when reaching across the desk, etc. Look for chairs that offer lockable wheels; these can help prevent workplace accidents. Swivel bases are also helpful to allow for ease of movement when reaching.

Alternative seating: this is another modern touch for serviced offices. You may opt to provide some areas with alternative seating arrangements such as active chairs and leaning stools. These are often used without a desk—perhaps you could use these in a meeting room. Leaning stools prop users into a leaning position, which is actually more ergonomic than sitting. This type of seating solution can either be a seat situated on a pole and half ball, or a seat on a pole with a platform base.

Collaborative soft seating: this may take the form of couches or other types of soft seating in more flexible areas, away from task areas, such as a desk. Clients and employees will have a comfortable area to sit and collaborate in a somewhat private space in a common area or even in one part of a meeting room.

When it comes to seating, look for solutions that offer the most ergonomic and adjustable options. We’re all different and come in different shapes/sizes; seating in your flex office space needs to be accommodating and comfortable, yet functional and attractive.

Updating Technology

You’ve spent some time sprucing up the environment of your serviced office, but have you considered the technology you provide? Is your tech up-to-date?

Technology moves at a swift pace, and what was once “in” and useful soon becomes outdated and unworkable. You need to stay a step ahead when it comes to keeping clients coming to your flex office space.

Dependable WiFi: has become an indispensable business tool. If the Internet connection goes off and on, clients and their employees will soon become frustrated and angry. Their business and productivity are tied to the Internet and a dependable connection. Make sure to invest in tech that can handle hundreds of WiFi connections and maintain network load without dropping. Don’t settle for anything less.

Office machines & devices: may include printers, scanners, and more. All printers, meeting tools (electronic white boards, cameras, etc.), need to be up-to-date, in good working condition and usable across a wide variety of platforms and devices. Keeping office technology flexible and usable keeps clients coming back for more.

These are a few ways to easily bring life back to your serviced office spaces. Be creative and keep spaces flexible, and don’t forget to make sure your technology is up-to-date. If you’re looking for a new serviced office, let’s talk!

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