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How Commercial Office Design Can Be a Catalyst for Change

By wizu | 18 June 2022

Can sprucing up the office really lead the way for meaningful change? We’re here to say, “Yes!” Updating your office design and furnishings can have a major impact on your business. Not only that, but when it’s time for a redesign, your office space can drive change at the same time.

An office refurbishment is a prime opportunity for implementing changes that improve conditions for employees and company culture. Read on to learn how office design can bring about important changes in your office.


Start Office Changes

An office redo is the right time to bring needed changes to your company culture. It can also revamp operations for the business. What’s more, you may even be able to start rebranding your business and customising office design to meet your new goals and philosophy.

With the right design, your workspace could become a positive, thriving, future-thinking place to work. It’s imperative to back these essential changes with the right office décor. The décor should fit in with the culture you want to develop. That means choosing the right colours, designs, layouts, the right furniture, and more.

A new office layout is a foundation for important changes to company culture. As your company implements the new design and changes in culture, you may want to consider appointing employees who will be in help manage the change.

For instance, they can help with questions, challenges, and other issues that come from employees. This person must also be able to communicate with company leaders and staff to ensure feedback is passed to upper management. The goal is to make the changes as smooth as possible for everyone in the company. It also helps employees successfully navigate the changes they will deal with.


Make Your Workspace a Place People Want to Spend Time

When it comes to your employees, the goal is to create a workplace they want to spend time in. That means ensuring the office is a safe, comfortable, healthy place to be. It may help to think of your office as a place where different types of work are done. Consider the types of work done by employees and what they need to be successful.

The key is to redesign the work environment for your employees. You may want to also consider conducting an employee survey or poll to ask employees what they want or need in the office. The goal is to create a space where employees can work comfortably and effectively. When the office has the right design, furnishings, and tech, employees are happier and more productive.

We’ll discuss some potential office concepts that may work for you and your employees in the following sections.


Flexible Office Layouts Are Essential

Flexible office layouts are essential and can be worked into an office redesign. A layout like this can be developed with different areas or zones. One zone can be a collaboration area for teams. Another zone could be a quiet zone for those who need peace and no distractions to focus on their work. You can even develop some relaxation nooks, where employees can relax away from their desks for a short time.

The goal of a flexible layout is to allow employees to customise their working environment. This not only provides employees with more autonomy but also drives change in company culture. What’s more, when employees have increased job satisfaction, they’re more motivated, inspired, and productive.


Create Collaborative Space

For many industries, creating a collaborative space can mean the difference between disturbing all employees in the office or creating a space where teams can work without causing distractions. Collaborative spaces may be included in the open office, but they are designed differently through the use of modular, flexible furniture.

Teams that collaborate regularly may be placed near one another and use individual workstations made with flexible desks. When there’s a need to collaborate, they can push their desks together to create something like a conference table. This creates a larger work surface where everyone can work together comfortably.

In addition, a collaborative space may also include sound-proofed wall panels and dividers. These can be repositioned when a team is working together and needs to talk more. The wall panels and dividers work to contain the sound from the team and keep it from distracting or causing disruptions for other employees working nearby.


Incorporate the Virtual Office

One of the key elements of a flexible office design is to incorporate the virtual office. But how can you accomplish this? What’s required to bring the virtual office into your office workplace? It all starts with the right technology.

In a more flexible office environment, employees need the right tools to move around from zone to zone or even between work and home. That means they need technology to help them work from anywhere in the office or to securely connect to the network when working remotely.
Employees need access to mobile devices, as well as collaborative and communication tools. These make it easier to switch between working remotely or being in the office. The right tools provide employees with the flexibility and autonomy they desire.


Breakout Spaces

Gone are the days of heading to the break room to relax! The spaces usually weren’t very relaxing, at that. However, today, part of the changes in company culture involves creating space where employees can unwind during the day and get away from their work to recoup.

Today’s breakout spaces look more like a sophisticated coffee café, with a coffee bar, various refreshments, and more. The area’s décor may have several tables and chairs that can be moved to different positions. The space may also include a game room or even resemble a home kitchen.

The goal is to design a breakout space that your employees want. The breakout space can be as flexible as the other parts of your office layout and promote a healthy company culture.


Summing It Up

The workplace and company culture are changing, and this is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. How we’re working now will change again in the next 3-5 years. So, the key is to create a workplace that’s flexible and sustainable.

With the right furnishings and design in place, your office will better weather the transitions the future brings. And you’ll have happier, more satisfied, productive employees, which is the best result for your business.

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