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A Quick guide to flexible workspaces

Working from a home office as a freelancer is a dream for many. But the truth is that working from home can come with various downsides. These include distractions from family, pets, chores, and more. Then there’s the fact that you work alone day in and day out, missing the socialisation that goes with working in an office.

Are you ready to take your freelance business to a flexible office space? Then read on for tips that we’ve put together on what to consider before making such an important move.

Why are Co-working Spaces So Important for Modern Businesses?

You may have heard the term “co-working spaces” come up in conversation—it’s become quite a trend, which seems to be growing in popularity. Why? These days, the traditional office setting, with cubicles, etc. just doesn’t work anymore as many people in certain sectors work collaboratively in teams.

Being in a community workspace is showing to improve innovation, collaboration and productivity. Co-working spaces are also great for businesses that are expanding, and they act as a draw for top-talented candidates who enjoy working in an inspiring place. What’s not to like?

8 reasons to work in a shared office space

These days, business is changing the way it’s conducted and even the places used for work. In fact, co-working spaces are quickly becoming an option for businesses of all types. However, many businesses are still hesitant when it comes to using shared office space. 

Shared offices are not just for entrepreneurs or freelancers. The fact is that even multi-national corporations are beginning to see the light when it comes to shared office spaces. 

The numbers of business choosing to use shared workspaces are set to increase in the coming years. But why? That’s a question we’re here to help you answer.

Lower your costs by utilising co-working for your next hire

Coworking spaces are more popular than ever; these days, you don’t need a traditional office space to conduct business. In fact, the cost of a traditional office may be keeping your business from expanding. Or your current location may not offer the type of environment to properly conduct business.

If that’s the case, it may be a good time to consider coworking spaces for current employees and new hires.

7 Reasons Why Co-working Trumps Working From Home

Co-working is big business in 2017 with the number of entrepreneurs taking advantage of its many benefits on the rise. Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that the number of people renting shared office space is predicted to jump from 1m in 2016 to 4m by 2020.

So, what’s the attraction? Well, besides from the fact that it provides a more relaxed workspace that can be tailored to suit individual taste, it presents numerous opportunities that simply can’t be had working from home. Here are 10 reasons why we think co-working rocks.

Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Co-Working Membership

For some of us, initiating a conversation is easier than for others, so start with the basics – make eye contact, smile and introduce yourself!

You made it out of the house, found yourself a nice spot and you’re surrounded by a community of people who are, most likely, here for very similar reasons! However, how will you find out that the person sat next to you has some killer advice that could be a massive game change for your business if you keep to yourself all day every day?