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The Heritage Suite – Corporate Events Venue Leeds

Are you having trouble finding the best corporate events venue Leeds? Have you been searching for the right venue but haven’t found an events space that fits your unique needs? Then look no further! We have the right events venue for you!

At Wizu, we have the experience and knowledge needed to make your corporate event a huge success. We’ll help you arrange every aspect of your event, which includes ensuring the space is set up exactly as you need it. Do you also need catering services? We can help you there, too.

Where is Our Events Venue Located?

Our Heritage Suite is located in the Leeming Building in central Leeds. This iconic city centre landmark dates back to Victorian days. The building still features its graceful Victorian domes and large period windows. While the building retains its Victorian roots, inside, you’ll find amazing contemporary design.

The Leeming Building is our building, which offers everything from corporate events venues Leeds to offices, coworking spaces, and more. Everything is beautifully designed to create an impressive, inspiring environment for business and corporate events.

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

Deborah De-Vittoris, Hairy Lemon
At Wizu Leeming Building

What Amenities are Included?

All of these services are included in the fee, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees with us. Everything is transparent from the beginning. We are here to ensure your corporate event is a huge success!

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Let us know what you need for the event and how everything should be arranged, and we’ll take care of it. We can customise the space to fit your corporate event, even by altering the space to fit the number of attendees and rearranging the furniture. You can expect us to provide professional services and take care of everything. If there’s a problem, just let us know, and we’ll take care of it right away. We stand behind our zero-hassle promise.

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Reception Services

Our events venue also comes backed by a professional business team. When guests arrive, they’re greeted by our friendly team, which can also bring your guests through to your venue. What’s more, our friendly, experienced team is also ready to help with anything you may need. Just let them know what you need, and they’ll take care of it right away!

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Latest Tech

No matter what technology is needed for your corporate event, we’ve got you covered. We have the most modern tech available for your next event. Our event venue comes with plasmas screens, superfast WiFi (both wireless & wired), flip charts, and more. We make sure you have the latest tech to make your event a success.

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Climate control

There’s no need to worry about staying comfortable in our corporate events venue Leeds. That’s because you have full control of the climate. If the room feels a little warm, then turn down the temperature. If everyone is too chilly, then turn up the climate control as needed. Our events suite climate control is completely in your hands. Keep everyone comfortable with our climate-controlled events venue.

Why Choose Wizu?

The answer is because we offer the best corporate events venue, Leeds. Our events venue is all about flexibility and providing you with the right space for your event. Your corporate event is sure to be a success when you book with Wizu. Our events space offers a beautifully designed space with everything you need to have a productive, collaborative event.

We take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Let us know precisely how the space needs to be set up for your event, and we’ll have it done for you. All you need to do is focus on the event while we take care of everything else. We offer you our no-hassle services every time. We’re looking forward to your next event in our Heritage Suite in Leeds.

Making life simple

Everything included

Stocked Kitchens
24 Hour Access
Speciality Coffee
Bicycle Storage

The Heritage Suite

If you’re looking for a corporate event venue that offers it all, you’ll love the Heritage. The space is large and airy, with large period windows that bring in plenty of natural light. What’s more, the suite is completely self-contained and even offers its own front door access.

The Heritage Suite is a flexible space that can be set up exactly as you need. You’ll have a bespoke corporate event space arranged to your specifications. The suite also provides you with all the latest tech for your event, including AV equipment, superfast Internet (wireless & wired connectivity), a plasma screen, flip charts, and more.

The space also includes a private kitchen and break out space, along with complete climate control. You’re in control of whether the suite needs to be warmer or cooler. The result is that everyone will be more comfortable during the event. There’s no need to swelter or be chilled to the bone when you’re in charge of climate control.

If you require catering, just let us know. We offer catering packages to you on request. You’ll also have unlimited access to our North Star coffee and Yorkshire tea!

The Heritage Suite is available from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Let us know when you’re ready to book!

How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

Are you planning a corporate event? Then you need to create a plan to ensure your event is a huge success! 

Here are some tips to help you start planning your next corporate event: 

1. Establish the Purpose & Goals for Your Event

The first place to start planning your corporate event is to establish the event’s purpose and goals. Ask why you’re holding the event and what you expect from it (what you want to accomplish). When you’ve identified the purpose and goals, then you can determine what type of event is best for your target audience (attendees). 


2. Set a Realistic Budget

Next, you need to determine how much money you have for the event. This should also start early, so you can calculate how much you can spend. However, it’s always a great idea to figure on spending about 10% extra. That’s because there are always last-minute expenses, no matter how well you’ve planned the event. 

When you have determined a budget, then you’ll be able to determine where the money should be allocated. For example, you may want to decorate the venue with company branding, a theme, and more. Each item should be included in the budget, including funds for speakers and more. And don’t forget to include food and beverages!


3. Determine Your Target Audience

Now you’re ready to determine who you want to attend your corporate event. The audience is essential in determining other aspects of your event, such as the venue and more. 


4. Choose a Theme and Format

Once the other points have been determined, it’s time to decide on the theme and format for the event. This may include inviting industry experts, guest speakers, and more. You may also want to include peer-to-peer learning activities, roundtables, and other activities.


5. The Venue’s Location 

Now, you’re ready to search for the right venue for your corporate event. It takes time and effort to find the right place for your event. Don’t just jump on what seems like the perfect location. Be sure to take time to ask questions and ensure the location is right for your target audience. 

For instance, is the venue easy to access and find? Can out-of-town attendees easily reach the venue from the airport or train station? Is the venue located near public transportation links (such as the Metro, roadways, and more)? 

Choosing the right location can mean the difference between the success or failure of your event.  


6. Make Use of Technology

 Another way to have an amazing event is to make use of technology. You can use event management software to create seamless check-in for attendees, track workshop & presentation times, and more. Event apps are a huge benefit for attendees. 

Not only can an app help with schedules, but it can also include details about the event and where to find assistance. 


So, follow these steps to ensure your next corporate event is a huge success! Following a plan means your attendees will have a brilliant time!

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