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Does your company require space in more than one office? Are you looking to expand to another part of the city? No matter what your business requires in the way of office space, at Wizu, we have just the space you’re looking for.

With four business parks in Leeds, we have a wide range of spaces available, each with its own unique décor and environment. What’s more, we offer competitive rates while striving to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and assistance possible. You’re sure to find just the right environment where your business will thrive by seeking space in one of our business parks.

business parks leeds
leeds business parks

What’s Different About Our Business Parks?

We’re happy you asked that question! At Wizu, we offer flexible leases, furnished offices, workspaces that are beautiful and inspiring, and even more. What does the term “even more” include? By this, we mean we even provide you with all the tech your company needs to be fully functional and run smoothly. Your business will also have access to amenities that come included in the flexible lease we offer.

Everything in your new office will be of the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing, and come with the highest level of customer service. That’s a promise you can count on. We’re here for when you need us, every time.

Our Leeds Business Park Locations

You’ll find we offer four beautiful locations to choose from. Each of our business park locations offers the same friendly service and support. While things may look different in each of our business parks, it means you can find the right office location to fit your unique business.

We guarantee you office space that precisely fits your brand and company culture.
Our business parks in Leeds include the following:

leeds business parks leeming building


Leeming Building

At the Leeming building, we offer a wide variety of workspaces and offices, all located near the Victoria Gate area. Also, near our Leeming Building, you’ll find transportation links that make it easy to travel all over the city or commute back and forth between home and your office.

What’s more, this building features large, Victorian windows that let in plenty of natural light and fresh air. And each office and workspace has been specially created to foster productivity and innovation.


Number 32

Here, you’ll find our offices provide an atmosphere of inspiration, where your spirit will fly and your ambitions with it! Number 32 offers friendly coworking spaces and offices that have a sleek, modern design. You’ll also find some beautiful meeting rooms that have everything needed to make your meeting a success.

In addition, we offer spaces for businesses with one or up to 60+ employees. And you don’t have to worry about everyone being crowded together. That’s because we have plenty of space to make sure everyone in your workspace or office has the room they need to be comfortable and focus on their work.

leeds business parks number 32
leeds business parks park place


Park Place

Here’s another one of our distinctive business parks in Leeds. You’ll find a building that has Gothic Revisal arches and lovely banded stones. What better place could your business call home? Park Place is one of the city’s landmarks, and it’s a place where your business can thrive.

The interior of Park Place has a modern décor, with a boutique-style design. You and your employees will surely be inspired to do some of your best work in this environment! What’s more, Park Place is located in the heart of Leeds, which means you’d be only a few minutes’ walk from the train station and other amenities.



Lawnswood Business Park

Located on the outer ring road of North Leeds, you’ll find our newest business park a wonderful place to work. This location offers a premier location for all types and sizes of businesses. What’s more, it offers a wide range of amenities, including the Red Bean Café, which is located in the park. Here you can find freshly brewed coffee and food all through the day. In addition, the location offers access to retail, healthcare, fitness, and even hotel facilities.

The Park features a number of buildings with office space that have been completely refurbished to the highest specifications. You’ll find these offices offer modern, flexible, climate-controlled workspaces that are just the right fit for your company.

leeds business parks landswood

What’s Included with Our Business Parks Leeds?

At each of our business parks, you’ll find the following amenities are included:

Superfast internet
Superfast Internet
Rent & Utilities
Rent & Utilities
Climate Control
Climate Control
24-hour access
24-hour access
Speciality coffee
Speciality coffee
Bicycle storage
Bicycle storage

We promise our spaces are amazing. But you’ll also find our wide range of amenities amazing, too. All of these amenities are included in our flexible leases. Everything’s covered by one, all-inclusive monthly fee. That’s right! We make it easy for your business to “live” in the highest quality offices and workspaces possible. This means we provide you and your business with everything needed for success.

Why Choose Wizu Business Parks Leeds?

Because we stand behind our promise to provide your business with the highest quality workspaces, offices, and amenities around. In addition, we’re dedicated to being honest with our clients, upfront and transparent, too. That means you can count on us every day, all day. If something goes wrong, we’ll happily take care of it right away. Our goal is to make things right for you every time.

Wizu also offers flexible leases. This means your company won’t be tied down with a long-term contract. Although, if you would like this type of lease, we can accommodate this need, too. We have plenty of options for scaling your company up or down. What’s more, everything is included in the one monthly payment. We make it easy to track your business expenses. There’s only one bill you have to remember each month, rather than several. And you won’t have to worry about unexpected or hidden fees. You never have to wonder how much it’s necessary to pay each month.
And we can’t forget to mention our amazing spaces and top-notch technology. These also come included with your lease and monthly payment. Each workspace has been specially designed to be a creative, inspiring space where you can focus on work. You won’t have to worry about productivity. We’re sure you’ll see productivity-improving when working in one of our business parks Leeds.

What’s more, the technology we offer is some of the best around the city. We make sure you have access to the most stable network and the fastest broadband connections in the city.

Would you like to learn more about our spaces? Then contact us today! We’re looking forward to discussing your business needs and giving you a tour of our beautiful workspaces!

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

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At Wizu Leeming Building

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