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9 Reasons Why Wizu Meeting Rooms Are The Best Choice

By wizu | 06 February 2021

Are you searching for a great meeting room, but haven’t been able to choose one? It could be you’ve just not found the right meeting room yet. If you’re struggling to find a place for your next business meeting, then why not consider Wizu meeting rooms. 

Wizu has some of the best meeting rooms around. Plus, their meeting spaces offer a wide variety of décor choices, locations, and more. 

Reasons to Choose Wizu Meeting Rooms

Wizu has taken the meeting room to a new level. No matter which location, you choose, each space includes a wide range of features and services that are hard to beat. Here are several reasons that Wizu has the best choice when it comes to meeting rooms. 

Accessibility & Location

If you’re looking for a meeting room that offers easy access and a great location, then look no further. Wizu’s meeting rooms offer some of the best accessibility and locations around. Each of Wizu’s properties is centrally located in a thriving business district. Not only is each area great for meetings, but there are also plenty of amenities nearby, too. 

Your meeting room will be located in the very heart of the city, making it easy to use various types of transportation to reach the site. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about guests having trouble finding the meeting location. Each location is easy to reach and access, whether you and guests are coming in by train, bus, or car.

What’s more, Wizu offers meeting rooms that are accessible for people who have wheelchairs or other types of mobility issues. 

Prestige and Reputation

Looking to impress a client or business partner? Then choose a Wizu meeting room. You’ll find their meeting rooms are brilliantly decorated and designed to create just the right impression. Guests will see your business as both serious and reliable. 

In addition, each Wizu office facility is located at a prestigious business address right in the middle of a thriving business district. Your company will project confidence and strength at any of Wizu’s locations. 

Wizu offers premium meeting rooms, with attention to the smallest details. Each room has a unique décor and colour theme. If you’d like something more modern and colourful, Wizu has you covered. Would you prefer a more elegant, classic meeting room? They can help you there, too. 

By holding your next meeting with Wizu, your business is sure to impress clients and guests. A Wizu meeting space is an excellent way to increase your company’s reputation and prestige. 


Don’t forget to look for a meeting room that offers enough flexibility for your meeting. Do you need to have a u-shaped table, for instance? Or will you need separate tables and chairs for a class-room style meeting? 

Wizu can accommodate your meeting needs with their flexible meeting rooms. They prepare everything in advance to create an uplifting, energised meeting space. They’ll go the extra mile to ensure the room is beautifully arranged and equipped with everything your meeting requires. 

Whether you’re hosting a team retreat, a workshop, or a more intimate meeting with clients, Wizu’s meeting spaces are sure to impress with their flexible spaces. 


Coffee shops can be a great place to have a meeting, unless you’d like to hear one another. Dealing with all the noise and disruptions in a public place can make it extremely difficult to have a conducive meeting. 

On the other hand, when you book a Wizu meeting room, you can count on it being a private space. The room will be set up for distraction-free discussions and collaboration. You’ll have a private meeting space where you can hear one another, and not have to worry about confidential discussions. 

Comfortable Space

Using a public space for your meeting can work; however, if you’re not able to book ahead, chances are you may find the facility has no space available. On top of that, a public space such as a coffee shop can be cramped, with little space for everyone at one table. 

Wizu offers lovely, modern meeting rooms that provide you and your guests with plenty of space. No one will feel cramped. The rooms are large, providing plenty of space to get up and move around. Plus, each table is large, ensuring each guest has plenty of room for their devices without being crammed in next to their neighbours. 


Each Wizu meeting room includes WiFi and other types of connections. This makes it more comfortable for guests to choose a connection method of their preference. Plus, Wizu’s Internet services are secure and safe for emails and other types of confidential communications. You and your guests will have all the connectivity needed to get things done over a super-fast Internet connection. 

Support Services

Wizu won’t let you down when it comes to support services. They have a support team matched by none. The team is professionally trained and will be available when you need them. 

In addition, you’ll find Wizu’s team provides excellent reception services. This means guests will be welcomed and if they need assistance finding the meeting, a member of the team will walk them through. 

Seamless Tech

Do you need tech for your meeting? Wizu has you covered there. You’ll have access to the latest tech to ensure your meeting is a success. Not only will you have access to super-fast Internet, but you’ll also be able to use plasma screens, AV equipment, and more. 

Everything is set up before your meeting. Wizu makes sure it’s all working before you step through the door.

Additional Perks

There’s more? Yes! Each meeting room includes some great perks. For instance, you’ll have full climate control of your meeting room. That means you can ensure everyone is comfortable, no matter the weather outside. 

There’s also free access to some of the best specialty coffee and tea in the city! And it’s also possible to arrange for catering of refreshments or a meal. 

Book your meeting room with confidence. No matter the size of your meeting, renting a meeting room with Wizu brings a host of benefits.

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