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8 ways to enhance your conference space through technology

By wizu | 12 January 2021

When you host conferences, it’s fast becoming obvious that technology is a major player. In fact, providing technology for conference breakout sessions is essential. The reason is that attendees like to share ideas and connect with others around them. Not only that, but they may be connecting with the people back in their home office, too. So, it’s essential to provide your venue with the right technologies.

The goal is to make it easy to attendees to do what they need to do at a conference. That is connect and share. When you have the best equipment and technology possible, attendees will have a highly positive impression of your venue, too.

To provide the best tech around, here’s a list of new event technologies to include on your site.

Stable, Reliable WiFi Connection

Without a stable, reliable WiFi connection, you’re not going to attract new business or make attendees have a pleasant experience. Strong WiFi is an essential requirement. In fact, this is the foundation of all the other technology your conference venue depends on.

For instance, during a conference, each team member needs to have the ability to browse and stream video. So, you’ll need plenty of bandwidth to accommodate everyone.

A Mobile Event App

This is another essential that’s crucial to the success of your business. The app makes it so much easier for attendees to register for the event. Some of the best event apps are usable on a desktop, a mobile device, or a table. This allows attendees to customise their agenda, connect with other attendees, and more.

What’s more, there’s no need to create paper schedules or programs to hand out to participants. Plus, you can send out important notifications to everyone at the event including updates to the schedule, or even last-minute changes in speakers, and more.

Now, it’s also possible to set up a private social network for each specific event! This makes it easy for attendees to interact with one another or share information with others at the event.

Advanced Audio-Visual Systems

Having an AV system that provides a wide range of connectivity is also important for keeping participants happy and satisfied. Everyone brings their own tech (BYOT) just about everywhere these days, including conferences. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure your AV system can connect with a wide variety of devices.

There are video scalers and multiformat switchers that provide support for a wide variety of inputs. These may include HDBaseT, VGA, HDMI, and DVI. With this type of connectivity, your attendees will be able to use a wide variety of devices to make AV presentations.

Interactive Whiteboard

Another bit of technology that’s extremely popular for conference rooms is the whiteboard. This has long been a stable furnishing in conference rooms around the world! Whiteboards make it easy to think, share ideas, and more.

The whiteboard provides a white canvas, where attendees can draw, share ideas, and more. Whiteboards are great when a complicated idea or concept needs to be explained, with certain areas highlighted for clarity. While these are great tools, whiteboards are difficult to transport. This is where a smart whiteboard comes in to play.

A smart, interactive white board makes it easier to share ideas and images in the virtual world. Plus, a smart whiteboard can be used as a collaboration tool. And this is a tool that increases engagement in conferences and meetings!

Not only that, but a white board makes it easier to communicate, too. A smart, interactive whiteboard makes it easy for a presenter to share files and image with people at the conference, and with those who may be attending virtually. Everyone has the same information at the same time.

Wireless Presentation Setup

Nothing is worse than a presenter showing up and not having the right adapter or the right dongle. It takes time and energy to find the right adapter, while everyone becomes frustrated with the time wasted. You can head this off by having a wireless presentation setup.

This type of setup makes it easy to use the WiFi connection to easily access the device in only a few clicks! In fact, it can take less than 30 seconds to get it setup. You’ll cut down on the frustration of everyone and make it easier for presenters by having a wireless presentation system. You’ll save time and everyone will be much happier!

HD Video Conferencing

HD video conferencing has become an essential business tool in recent years. It’s convenient, but so much more. These days, HD image has a much better clarity than in past years. Details are clear and those receiving the images will have a better understanding of everything that’s demonstrated and said during the conference.

What’s more, HD video conference technology makes even remote team members feel as if they’re part of the conference. This is due to the clarity of the sound and the image.

When you implement HD video conferencing technology, you’re providing tools that your presenters and attendees will find extremely beneficial.

Make It Easy to Share Content

Everyone is connected these days, which makes it much easier to share content. For conferencing purposes, cloud technology can make it much easier to connect with remote participants, while keeping costs down.

Not only that but having cloud technology available makes it much easier for presenters, attendees, and remote participants to access important documents. A couple of popular cloud services include Office 365 and Google Docs.

Efficient Project Management

Managing your conference as a project is the best way to make sure it’s successful. However, you must manage it well both before and during the conference. For this reason, it can be helpful to invest in project management software tools.

Some great tools to use include Trello, Basecamp, and Asana. These tools will ensure your conferences are a success every time.

Investing in top event technology can make your business boom. Everyone from presenters and attendees, to remote participants will appreciate an event that implements high-tech to make the conference more collaborative and interactive.

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